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I have had the Mirena since August and am still having quite a bit of bleeding. Is this normal?

Hi J,

Is this bleeding continuous and heavy? Or do you have days where it's light enough to just use a pantyliner or days where you don't bleed at all?

Irregular bleeding for the first three to six months is definitely a normal side effect. This bleeding can range from irregular spotting, to heavier like a period, but it should taper off eventually. I would wager a guess that your body is still adjusting to the device and that you should start to see some improvements soon. However, as it has been a couple months you may want to be sure that nothing else is at play. Do you know how short your Dr. cut your strings? Can you feel them and check to make sure your Mirena is still in the right place? If you are experiencing pain as well as heavy bleeding and discharge, your body may be trying to expel the IUD and you need to make an appointment with your gynecologist.

If you're not too uncomfortable, I would give it a little more time, but if the bleeding becomes something that never goes away and is just too inconvenient then your should consider having a conversation with your doctor about whether this is the best form of birth control for you. Good luck, I know this is a pain.


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