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Birth Control/Mirena complications


Hi. I've had Mirena for about 2 and 1/2 years now and so far no problems. I haven't had a period for about 6 months, just occasional cramping. About a week ago I started cramping pretty bad and I figured that I was just PMSing. Today however I  started hurting so bad that I couldn't move. All the pain is concentrated in the lower left pelvic region. The pain was very intense for an hour and a 1/2 and then dulled down. Soon after the pain calmed I started bleeding. It wasn't that heavy but it still concerns me because I haven't had a period in so long. Any thoughts about what might be going on?

Sorry, I don't have a good idea of why you're having the pain.  Some bleeding is not uncommon, even when there has been no bleeding for many months.  However, intense pelvic pain probably is not from the Mirena.  It might be from an ovarian cyst, or else possibly a pelvic infection, possibly an STD.  Since the pain has decreased, you could probably give it some time and see if it goes away.  If the pain persists or gets worse, then I'd probably see your doctor to have it checked out.

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