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I know ovulation monitors tell you about the time you will ovulate and are used to increase chances of pregnancy.  But I would like to know if you could use them as a supplement to your birth control.  For instance, there are some cases where you could ovulate while taking the pill.  I would plan on using the monitor to see if I am ovulating while I am on the pill (and using condoms) and abstain from sex if I am in fact ovulating.  Does this method sound worth while or are the monitors not accurate enough?


Hi J.

It's wonderful that you want to be so cautious but if you are using condoms and on birth control it is a completely unnecessary measure. You mention cases where some women have been know to ovulate while on the pill, and you're right, but the only way that's possible is if they aren't taking the birth control correctly (e.g. skipping pills). If you're taking your birth control responsibly - every single day/same time - you will not ovulate. The fact that you're using condoms is awesome icing on the cake. I love condoms and encourage everyone to use them; they offer the best STI protection available and they're a safe backup plan for those "oopsie moments" when you realize you missed a pill.

As for the monitor's accuracy, I'm assuming you're talking about the basic ones you buy at the drugstore. These test for Lutenizing Hormone (which spikes when you're about to release an egg) and you use them by taking a urine sample just like a pregnancy test. I believe they're supposed to be fairly accurate when you follow the directions.

You're already being so careful that I don't think you need to pursue this. However, if it's going to make you more comfortable and confident - it definitely wont hurt anything other than your wallet.

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