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Birth Control/Pregnancy from post-ejaculatory semen in the urethra?


Hello Mr Solberg,
 First of all thanks a lot for your precious help on this website.
 My name's Josh , I am a 21 year old man from Boston, MA.
 What happened is, that two days ago I had intercourse using a condom with my girlfriend at about 7 a.m.(she is not on the pill, and it was day 16 of her cycle.). After that we both showered using lots of soap e.t.c.. The problem is that at about 10 a.m. , I had to go to the toilet to urinate because, unfortunately, I hadn't urinated since the intercourse.(so it was the first post-ejaculatory urination).
  Now when I urinated I didn't wash my hands and there was some urine on them because I had touched my penis.I was planning to whipe them or something but my girlfriend jumped on me and hugged me then she held my hands and I'm sure she got some on hers too.So my point is, if she touched her vaginal area after that, with my urine being on her hands, is there even a slight possibility that she could have got pregnant( I mean is it possible that apart from the urine there were also rests of semen from my urethra in my hands , that could have got her pregnant ??).When I think about it my hands were a bit sticky so Im pretty worried about it!
 Please help least tell me if I should prepare for a pregnancy !
     With respect and lots of admiration,

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the kind words.  You don't need to prepare for a pregnancy unless the condom failed.  There is absolutely no way your girlfriend could get pregnant from whatever sperm might have been in the urine on your hands, even if she stuck her fingers high in her vagina.  Condoms are thought to have a failure rate around 15 pregnancies per 100 couples per year.  If you're concerned about her getting pregnant, that's where it could happen, not from urine on fingers.  Best wishes.

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