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I started the pill about 4 months ago in order to regulate my periods and prevent terrible cramps.  The first pill I was on regulated my period to every 4 weeks.  Since beginning the pill, I have started having sex.  I ended up having to switch to a different brand of the pill which I have now been taking for 2 months.  Using this pill, my period comes every 3 weeks, during a week of active pills rather than during the placebo week.  I have read that periods are supposed to come during the placebo pills.  If mine does not come during the placebo pills does this mean that the birth control is not working correctly?

Bleeding while taking the active pills is called breakthrough bleeding, and is a fairly common side effect.  It can usually be corrected by switching to a different pill.  It has no bearing on the effectiveness of the pill, so your pills are still protecting you from pregnancy.  Depending on how bothersome the bleeding is, you may wish to try a different pill.

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