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I have been on Seasonique for about two years with no problems after about the first 6 months. I was traveling and lost my pills. I had my doctor call in a new script but couldn't refill because insuance wouldn't refill for another month. Finally, got back in town and got my hands on a sample pack but about two to three weeks has now past. I did have a period last month and then lost the pills so I haven't restared since. I'm now in position to restart and take for another three months before next period. How do I restart the pills. Should I wait until a full thiry days has past or just start on Sunday as usual?

I would just start on Sunday as usual, as long as you know you're not pregnant.  You'll be protected after being back on the pill for 7 days.  Since you're not starting during a period, you may have more breakthrough bleeding the first month or so.  If it gets to be a problem, you can stop the pill for 4-7 days, let your period come, and then re start.

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