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2 months ago I had a tubiligation procedure along with endometrial ablation to control constant heavy bleeding. I had the tubal done along with it because my fiancée and i did not not want to have kids, but my previous doctor had experimented so heavily on me with large doses of Depo prevera that my body began having life threatening side effects to that and any other birth control. Less than a month after the procedures, my fiancée dumped me.... I am now having horrible regrets of having the tubal done. They did not cut and tie my tubes, only clamped them. I would like to know what my chances are of having the procedure reversed, if it is even possible. I fought for a long time with my doctors to have it done, and quite frankly I am embarrassed to be going back to them so soon and saying: I messed up....
Please help...

Hello Char,
Sorry, but it's too late to change your mind.  Sometimes the tubes can be opened up, but after an endometrial ablation, it's no longer safe for you to bear children.  The ablation destroys the uterine lining, so that implantation can't occur normally.  In case you did get pregnant, the placenta would grow into the uterine wall, and then could not separate normally after delivery.  That leads to hemorrhage and be very dangerous.  I'm sorry.

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