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My girlfriend has just went to the doctor to be prescribed birth control, but she never asked what tests they ran while she was there. Did they check if she was pregnant? STDs? Did they check her bone health or her vitals or anything? I'm curious as much as she is. She passed and got checked out as okay for everything, but yet we still don't know the procedure involved. Can you explain what they check for?

I think the best way to know just what your girlfriend got checked for would be to call the doctor's office and ask.  She may have has a Pap smear, may have been checked for STD's.  Most likely her blood pressure and weight were measured.  She probably would not have been checked for pregnancy if she had not missed a period.  They probably would not check her bone health unless she is post menopausal.  She might have had her blood cholesterol and sugar tested.  If she only went in to get birth control pills, she might not have had any tests other than her blood pressure.  Today many offices will give a written report of any tests done, but that varies widely.  If your girlfriend calls the doctor's office, the receptionist or nurse can probably tell her exactly what was done and the results.  In the future, it's a good idea to ask at the time of the visit just what tests will be done.

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