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Birth Control/Mirena positive side effects?


I have been on the HBC pill for 5 years, I am now 20, have had no children and originally used HBC to regulate my depression and my extremely heavy, painful periods. I used loestrin and microgestin with great results. I am considering the mirena, I do not want to go on an anti-depressant along with mirena (no more pills!) so I am wondering, in my specific case, will it help with my depression?

p.s. Any suggestions of how to make insertion the least painful possible?

Cinna, I cannot recommend mirena because of I have read so many reports of negative side effects. I don't feel that it is healthy for a women's body. Do you need to be on any kind of birth control? I don't mean to intrude but are you sexually active? I am always surprised at how many women are taking or on some kind of birth control but aren't currently sexually active. Please email me at so we can talk further. And no, I don't know any way of making insertion very pain-free.
Diane Cheryl
P.S. I just saw where you said that you use the birth control for painful periods. Please explain this more.

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