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Birth Control/Pregnancy possible?


QUESTION: Hello there Mr Solberg.My name is John and I am a 28 year old male from North Dakota.

Here's what happened:

 My fiancee gave me oral sex at 1 P.M. and I ejaculated in her nose(inside her nasal cavity).She didnt clean it up at all.(please dont judge me);
  Anyway , 2 hours later, at 3 P.M.,while we were watching TV after lunch ,she took off her clothes and started masturbating.
At some point, she stopped, and started  scratching the inside  of her nose with her fingers because it was burning her, so after that she had some transparent liquid nasal mucus on her fingers (quite a quantity). The problem is that without thinking too much she continued to finger herself with the fingers that had nasal mucous on them.She did this several times. So now we're both worried that she could get pregnant because she's on her fertile days and she isn't on the pill.

So my questions are:

  1- Can she get pregnant if any sperm from the oral sex had survived 2 hours in her nasal mucous inside her nose?

  2-Do you think she should get the morning pill for that?(we did not have intercourse by the way, only what i just described)

      Thank you.

ANSWER: I don't think that pregnancy is possible from what you have described.  Some sperm may have survived in her nose, but it's fairly unbelievable to me that there could be enough sperm getting high enough in her vagina to make it all the way up through the cervix and tubes to fertilize an egg.  I don't think there is any possibility of pregnancy, and I don't think she needs the morning after pill.

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QUESTION: So if there was sperm in the mucous, and if she fully inserted some in her vagina several times, is it still impossible to for an egg to be fertilized?
Are you just saying that the odds are low or is it impossible?


It's difficult to say it's impossible, but it takes millions of sperm for pregnancy to occur.  A man that only has 1 million sperm is considered sterile.  That doesn't mean that pregnancy is impossible, but the odds are extremely low (close to impossible).

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