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I'm considering getting on birth control for the first time, but I don't want to start without any research. I was wondering if my boyfriend and I should still use a condom even though I'm on birth control? Am I at risk of getting pregnant if we do not use a condom while I'm on birth control?

Hi, R,

Technically, after the first month of perfect birth control use you should be protected from pregnancy. However, I would really recommend also continuing to use condoms.  Not only do they protect you from STDs and make clean-up fabulously easy, but I get emails from girls every day who have accidentally skipped a pill or two, or who have delayed starting their next pack and they're terrified they're pregnant. Getting on birth control is a great idea, but think of condoms as your insurance policy that's in place to preserve, not only your peace of mind, but potentially,  your future.

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