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Hello my name is Jessica Ramirez and i wanted to ask you a question about the birth control that I am on. I am have completed y first month of tri-sprintec B/C this Saturday and following with my 2nd month Sunday night. I recently had unprotected sex with my bf and i am wondering if i should be worried about pregnancy. I have taken my pill a couple of time passed 9pm but never later then 10pm.
I recently went to plan parent hood to take the morning after pill but the doctor declined me. She explained to me that i already had my period at the end of the month and took the white pills while on my menstrual cycle. i am safe she explained. i am just worried and i would like to know if i am truly safe.
thank you


You technically didn't have unprotected sex with your boyfriend because your birth control protects you from pregnancy. The planned parenthood doctor was right not to give you the morning after pill because you're covered via the pill.

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