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Good day

I'm 29 years old, sexually active, went off birth control recently.

I recently discontinued the use of the nur isterate injection as we would like to start a family in future. I was on the injection for 10 years and stop using it October 2012.

Since then my menstrual cycle have not returned. We have been using protection, as I would like to wait for a normal cycle before trying to conceive.

Since about 2 weeks ago, I have been expiriencing swollen and tender breast.  It also feel to me like I'm gaining a bit of weight...but this might also just be the swelling of my breasts. I also have NO sexual drive...its become worse since discontinuing injection.

I have done a pregnancy test...because I'm paranoid, but it was negative.

What is causing this changes in my body?  Is it just hormonal and is there a way to make it easier possible.

I don't want to gain weight, especially not now, because I want to be a healthy weight when I do fall pregnant.

Your kind assistance will be much appreciated.

Thank you!!!

Hi M,

From what I've read, injectable contraceptives can delay the return of fertility for as long as nine months! So if you stopped in October, you're still in the normal range if you haven't seen your period yet. I think the symptoms you might be experiencing are your body attempting to regulate its hormone levels in the absence of the shot.

From what you've told me, it sounds like you're okay to me and experiencing normal changes that happen when you stop the injections, but if you're concerned please go see your doctor and get his/her opinion.

Good luck,


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