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Hello. I am having pain in my lower right abdomen and back. I'm having a lot of pressure and constipation during bowel movements.  I am also feeling a lot of pressure when I need to urinate. And if I hold my urine for more than a minute after I feel the urge to go, I start to feel a lot of pain in my lower right back. There is also a lump/swelling in my lower right abdomen--it comes and goes. This has been occurring for the last two months.
The pain seems to get worse around the time of my period. Also my period has been unusual. My period in the month of December came about 3 weeks later than usual and had a lot of clotting. My period this month (January) came on time and the bleeding was more normal. I still however had more menstrual cramps and a lot of breast soreness/tenderness (which I usually do not have during my period).
I went to a doctor and they did an ultrasound (to see if I had an ovarian cyst) and they said that everything was fine and nothing was there. They said I had a mild UTI and I took antibiotics for it. However, the pain/pressure during urinating is still there.
I also went to a OB-GYN who didn't really look into/worry much about my problem after I told her I already had an ultrasound.
The pain in my lower right abdomen/back isn't getting worse, but it's been consistent for the past two months. What do you think might be going on?

Hi Rimi,
It sounds like a complicated problem.  You might need to find a doctor who will take the time to figure it all out.  Clearing up the constipation may help.  You may have some irritable bowel syndrome, which is fairly common, and there is no test to diagnose it.  Diagnosis is based on history (abdominal pain and bowel problems) plus ruling out other causes.  You may have some endometriosis, which is a fairly common condition in women which produces abdominal or pelvic pain that gets worse around period time.  It requires a laparoscopy (scope under the belly button) for diagnosis, and then is treated using the laparoscope or else hormonal treatments.  You might even have some interstitial cystitis, which is a bladder condition not well understood, associated sometimes with endometriosis, which can usually be diagnosed by a urologist looking into the bladder.  You may have none of these things, which is why I am suggesting to find a doctor who will take the time needed to figure it out.  Since you've seen an OB/GYN who was not helpful, perhaps a gastroenterologist might help.  Best wishes.

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