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Hi, i have polycystic ovarian syndrome and have been on birth control for about 2yrs to help regulate cycle and because i am sexually active. I have a couple questions to ask. I had absolutrly no period last month and sometimes when i run out of the trinessa, i miss a few days taking it. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests and they both came up negative. Is it possible to get a false negative due to my PCOS? Also in your experience what is the safest psychiatric medication for bipolar disorder (mania) for a woman to take while trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Plse help me as this is very important to me and any potential child health and well being. Thanks so much for offering your help here!

While you're taking the birth control pill, your polycstic ovarian syndrom is a non factor, since the pill takes over for your ovaries, and they're just resting and not active.

Sometimes women on the pill will not get periods, or get very scant periods.  It's similar to the fact that most women get lighter periods on the pill, and sometimes they get so light that they don't come at all.  As long as your pregnancy test is negative, it's nothing to worry about.  They are not false negative because of your PCOS.

As far as what is the safest psych medication for bipolar, I can't really say.  If you tell me what medication your doctor is considering, I can tell you something about the safety of that medication.

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