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I take my birth control everyday like I'm supposed to, I usually get my period the Sunday or Monday after my 3 weeks of pills ends and it's just those sugar ones you take during your period. I know that you don't start taking a new month of pills until the Sunday after your done your period but I usually am done Wednesday or Thursday, am I able to have sex without a condom during the time when I'm not on period anymore but can't start my pills yet ? I'm not sure when I ovulate and I am 19 years old with a boyfriend who does not have any STD's (we've both been checked)  but pregnancy is not on my list of things to do of course, any advice ? Thank you very much for your time.

Hi Sara, First of all, I woul recommend that you don't have sex at this time if you don't want to get pregnant. Some people think I'm old fashioned but I really do feel that waiting until marriage is a very wise decision. Any time you have sex, even if you are taking the pill correctly, you can become pregnant. No birth control method is 100% safe in preventing pregnancy. So I can't recommend that it would be ok to have sex in the time between pills with a condom. There is still a slight chance. Good luck.

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I can answer questions about the various methods of birth control. I have done much research about side effects and risks of birth control methods. I can answer questions like "What would be the best method of birth control for me?" and "What are the advantages of birth control pills or condoms?" I have almost 25 years of experience volunteering with pregnancy resource centers. Please contact me at if you would like to know more information about your situation or if I am "Maxed OUT".


I have almost 25 years of experience in counseling women about birth control and family planning.

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