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So one day I woke up very early and did not know what day it was and went I went to take my pill I thought I missed a day so I took both, but turns out I was okay. So I took my Saturday and Sunday pill on Saturday and my mom told me not to do anything the Next day and just start taking it again on Monday but I've been having discharge and I'm worried that it isn't working now. Please help.

Although it's better to never miss a day, expert opinion regarding the pill says that missing one day does not require backup, so the pill should still be working OK.  If you're discharging a little blood, that's because it's a drop of hormone in your body that brings on bleeding.  That's why you bleed after taking the last pill in the pack.  Having taken 2 pills in 1 day and none the next, there was a rise and then a fall in your hormone levels, leading to some bleeding.  The bleeding will most likely stop soon, as the hormone levels even out.

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