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Ok... so i pissed one day of birth control pill on Friday and didnt remember until the next day (i took the pill for friday soon as i remembered and took the one for Saturday at my regular time), i took it as soon as i remember but by then had already had unprotected sex... we used the "pull out" method but my husband was so worried we would get prego that we went out and bought Plan B (the morning after pill) and i took it. My question is i was told i had to wait a week before having unprotected sex is this true? And im starting the white "Inactive pill" (took the first white pill Sunday) do i have to wait longer than a week before having unprotected sex since those white pills are inactive?

Missing one pill rarely results in pregnancy, and the experts don't even recommend backup if only one is missed.  Since you did withdrawal plus Plan B, pregnancy would be rare indeed.  As long as you got back on your regular pill schedule, I believe that you are protected, and don't need to wait at all.  You continue to have the protection from the pill, including now during the inactive pills.

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