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Birth Control/loestrin discontinued, no period, negative test 5 days after missed period


My girlfriend and I are a bit worried/terrified.  I am writing because she doesn't think she needs to follow up with her her ob/gyn (and she probably knows more than I do, but I'm trying to be responsible and educated here), and I just don't understand what the best course of action is.  Neither of us wants to have a child right now.

My gf had not been on birth control for a year or more. She began taking Lo Loestrin Fe on Oct. 20, the first day of her period.  The side effects (increased acne, severe anxiety and depression, emotional lability) were so severe for her that she decided to stop before the pack was done.  I believe she took roughly 2 weeks and a few days of the pack (maybe 3 weeks total), then quit them because she was so miserable.  We mainly used condoms during this time, but there were 2-3 instances when we did not and pre-ejaculate could have made it into her. I never ejaculated in her however.  One of those instances was while she was on the Loestrin, one was after. She is a smoker (but under 35), so that was another consideration for stopping the pills.

She took a home test Fri 11/22 because she was scared after her period did not come (it was due around 11/17, so that's 5 days after).  Would you recommend she test again, or can we rely on this?  Do you think her hormones need time to 'reset' after this amount of Lo Loestrin? If so, how long should she expect to wait?
Please help. Thank you so much for your time.

When a woman takes the pill (even just for 2 weeks) and stops, her following period will often be 1-2 weeks late.  So I suspect that's the reason her period hasn't come.  If she develops any symptoms of pregnancy, then I'd test again.  It sounds like pregnancy is very unlikely, so I wouldn't worry.  She may wish to try a different pill, because there are many different ones, and she will likely find one that helps acne and doesn't cause other symptoms.

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