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I will try to keep this short.  I have took Triphasil for years, I am 48 years old.  I stopped the pill October 2nd because my husband had prostate surgery and there is no need in me taking the pill now - I thought.  I quit after taking the 3rd pill out of a new pack, I did have a period 3 days later for a few days.

It is Nov 11th and I have had no period.  What I have had is hot flashes that started about three weeks ago that wake me up at night and do occur in the day sometimes too.  I have decided it is probably best for me to go back on the pill because this was not happening when I was on them.  

Do I have to wait until I have a period or can I start now?  What about the pack that has the first 3 pills missing?  Can I start on day 4 or should I just toss them and start a new pack?  

Thank you for your time!

Dear Sandy, Please consult with your doctor about this. I don't recommend that you stay on the pills just because you're worried about the hot flashes. Perhaps your doctor has a solution for this problem without going on the hormonal pill again. And about where to start in the pack or get a new pack? Consult with your doctor about this as well.

Diane Cheryl

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