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I'm hoping I can get some help with an issue I'm having. I have had yeast infections and bacterial vaganosis before so I'm familiar with the itch associated with it. The itch I'm currently experiencing is different than anything I've ever felt down there. There is only one spot that itches and it is not constant. It is a spot right above the hood of my the very top. I'm not sure what this is. I've noticed that the itch is the worst when I'm sweating down there (like during exercise). And if I lean forward while urinating, if the urine comes in contact with that spot, it burns. In that spot it is just a little red. Nothing white, no bumps. Nothing really out of the ordinary except for the redness and itchy spot. I've also tried cutting out shaving down there. I saw an increase in the itching when I stopped shaving. I'm not sure what could cause an itch in such a localized spot. It doesn't itch anywhere else down there. I don't have a discharge either. One of pregnant friends suggested that it could be like a female jock itch. And a different friend thinks it could still be a yeast infection. Could a yeast infection appear like this? I'm not insured at the moment so I wont be able to see a doctor soon. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated

It doesn't sound like a yeast infection, and it doesn't sound like jock itch.  Perhaps it's an insect bite.  I'm afraid I can't really help. I think you'll need to see a doctor who can look at this, perhaps ask some other questions, and then try to figure it out.  It doesn't sound typical for any of the usual causes of genital area itching.  I'm sorry.

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