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Hello Dr. Solberg,
 I have been with my boyfriend for several years, we met in high school, and have both only had sexual relationships of any sort with each other. Last night he confessed that at a "post college final party"  we both attended he was fairly certain, while intoxicated he had fooled around with one of our mutual friends.  This morning he woke up with slight discharge and burning. He went to a walk in clinic where he was given a shot of rocephin, and a weeks dose of erythromycin . A culture was sent out (I'm guessing for gc/chlam/trich) (I worked in an ob/gyn office as a surgical tech for a few years) He is meeting up with her tomorrow to figure out what exactly they did because he claims to have limited recollection of that night. My question then is this, in the case they did not have intercourse, which he doesn't believe they did, and she performed oral sex on him, could she have given him something from her mouth, and if so, is there a chance I may also be infected orally since she kissed him, and he kissed me. If it is possible to transmit, let's say chlamydia from her mouth to his penis, wouldn't it also be possible for him to then have it in his mouth and pass it to me?
I'm sorry about the long email, and than you so much for taking the time to provide your services.

Hello El,
It is possible to transmit chlamydia and gonorrhea from mouth to penis and vise versa.  However, it's probably quite rare to transmit either disease by kissing, since they infect the throat and are not generally found in saliva.  In any case, if his culture is positive (and assuming you've had unprotected intercourse since), then you should also be treated.  If his culture is negative, it may be worthwhile for you to be tested, vaginally and perhaps in your throat.

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