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Hello, and thank you for your time. I have a question. I started my birth control pack 1 week before my period. I started my birth control pack on January 27th (Sunday). I should have gotten my period Feb 3rd. I started spotting about 4 days later (Thursday Jan 31st) spotting was nothing crazy heavy like a period or even a normal period. Just real light and bright red.  The Spotting lasted a couple weeks. I started having unprotected sex Feb 9th. He came inside of me several times that whole week while I was into the 3rd week of pills in my pack. We have a long distance relationship (I was still spotting at the time we had unprotected sex)ÖI was wondering if I would be protected against pregnancy since I was on the pill a whole 2 weeks with no missed pills?  I took it a week BEFORE my period was scheduled, and the pamphlet states Iím covered 7 days after taking the pill, but thatís for a Sunday start AFTER your period starts, or does it make a difference? Do you think I messed myself up or do you think I would be protected since I was on it a full 2 weeks prior to starting unprotected sex? Spotting stopped about 4 days ago.

You were protected.  Whenever in your cycle you start the pill, you're protected after being on it for 7 days.  Usually it's best to start during a period, because then you're less likely to get all the spotting you've had.  By the time you're taking the second pack of pills, the spotting will usually be gone (and maybe it is already).  But you're protected every day now as long as you don't miss any pills.

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