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So after having my son while on nuva ring I decided to try one last birth control ( I have tried over 15 different pills, IUD's, patches etc..) I can not find one that works for me, they either make me bleed so much I end up in the hospital or they make me sick everyday I use it.
  So I tried the mirena 8 weeks after having my son and it seemed to work fine, I spotted almost everyday for 5 months but kept being reassured by my dr that it owuld stop..well it didt and I started having labor like pains along with heavy bleeding randomly so I had it removed. I have had 4 periods since then and the first one was pretty normal, heavy, but normal for me. The second one was waaayyy worse and I decided to calculate about how much I bled. For the 7 days I bleed, for that period I bled roughly 3500 grams..or so thats what I figure it to be. I wasnt exactly sure how to measure it. All I know is I soak through the biggest tampons that hold 17grams of fluid in less than 2 hours. So I just took 17 each time I had to change it and added it all together.
 After that period I decided to buy the diva cup, to hopefully help me measure it a little better. I would keep track of how much was in it each time I emptied it and for the next period I measured a little over 3/4 C bled in 7 days. The most recent period has been the same as well.
  I can not find anything on the web to really tell me whats a ok amount or a dangerous amount but with what I have found it sounds like I bleed ALOT more than even the typical heavy people. I know it makes me anemic, I have always been but now I can sleep 20 hours a day because Im just so exhausted.
   We just moved to a new city where I started a new job and their insurance wont start with me for another month or so and after that I will be considering going to a ob-gyn, but wanted a opinion a little quicker than a month as to whether or not this amount is something to be worried about.

It sounds like you bleed far more than most women.  The average blood loss during a period is 35 cc, and up to 80 cc is considered normal.  3500 grams equals 350 cc.  1 cup equals 240 cc, so 3/4 cup equals 180 cc.

I think the Mirena was a good idea, since most women will bleed much less with that.  Usually the birth control pill is the best thing we have to make heavy periods light.  Since nothing seems to work for you, I think you probably need some studies to figure out why you bleed so much.  I suspect that you'll end up with a hysterectomy once you're done having children.  In the meantime, I would take an iron pill twice daily, since you are most likely anemic from the blood loss.  Good luck.

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