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Birth Control/brown discharge. still no period


I have been on and off various birth control pills for about a year now, and a month ago after finishing a pack of my previous pill I started Lutera which is pretty low dosage (0.1 levonorgestrel and 0.02 mg ethinyl estradiol). I'm not sure if my previous pills were any higher dosage, if they were then it wasn't by much. the start date of my packs is Sunday and I usually take my pill between 9 and 9:15 PM. Between tuesday and thursday of the second week of my pack of Lutera my boyfriend and I had sex (can't remember which specific day), we don't use condoms but he always pulls out. during that week K kept taking pills a few hours late (no more than three hours) and on Friday I forgot my pill and wasn't able to take it until around 2 PM on Saturday, I might have also missed another pill during that week but I can't remember :(. that same Friday a few hours after the time I was supposed to take my pill (around midnight) I went to the bathroom and noticed a brown discharge when I wiped and on my underwear. It continued on a for a week, it is gooey and kind of stringy, sometimes it is dark brown some times it is light brown and sometimes it would be accompanied by small amounts of blood for short periods of time at one point i thought I was ovulated because it also had a bit of clear gooey stuff in it. then on monday or tuesday of my third week my boyfriend and I had sex again (he pulled out). It continued on through the third and into the forth (this week) when I was supposed to start my period, usually on tuesday (third inactive pill). On Wednesday night of my inactive pill week the discharge was accompanied by blood. I thought maybe I was starting my period and on thursday morning when I checked, the discharge was gone and there was nothing but a light amount of blood (it was not as dark as my period would usually be but it wasn't pink like I read implantation bleeding should be either). I was sure I stated my period but when I got home the tampon was practically empty. The blood went away and discharge came back and on friday nigh I took a clear blue pregnancy test which read negative. it is now sunday and I will be starting a new pack tonight I haven't been having any pregnancy symptoms but for a few days during my first week of Lutera (four weeks ago) I was having these strange cramps in my uterus area, my boyfriend and I had not had sex for at least a week before those cramps so I didn't think they were related.. so, am I pregnant? is this happening because i missed the pill(s)? is my body adjusting to this brand? was it my period this whole time? should it go away during my new pack? what is happening? please, your help is much appreciated.

Dear Alice, I am sorry for the delay in answer your question. I will have to research your questions so I can give better answers. Also, can you email me at so we can talk in length? Have you started your new pack? Did you find out if you were pregnant? Write soon.

Diane Cheryl

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