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Birth Control/How effective are thin condoms in preventing pregnancy


Hi I just had a baby two months ago
Last week my husband and I had sex
And all we had available was a thin condom
My obgyn prescribed the pill but my husband and I rarely have sex
We have sex once every 6 to 9 months
I've been feeling horrible
I'm havin morning sickness in the morning
Heartburn at night
Tender nipples( I'm not breastfeeding)
Sensitivity to food smells
Nauseated by food
Dizziness in the middle of the day
I've taken tums and peptobismol but it dosent seem to work
How effective are thin condoms
My husband reassured it wasn't torn
But I'm feeling weird

Hi there,

Thin, or "ultra sensitive" condoms are every bit as effective and safe as regular ones. They are held to the exact same standards by the FDA. Before they even make it to the shelves, every condom is tested for strength and leakage including a screening conducted with an electrical current to ensure that there are no tiny holes or weak spots. In short a condom that is marketed as thin offers just as much protection as a thicker one.

As for your symptoms, I personally doubt you're pregnant, but I would really need a little more information, like: How did your first postpartum check up go? have your periods returned? How many have you had? Are you taking the birth control prescribed by your ob/gyn?, are these symptoms sudden, when did they start?

Since some of your issues are pretty common in many postpartum women, for example, constipation and cramping (your uterus could still be shrinking), I'm inclined to say that many of these complaints could be a result of your body still adjusting to the huge shift in hormones it was just subjected to. That fluctuation could be resulting in some discomfort - but it's really impossible for me to say for sure.

My other thought that makes me think that you wouldn't be pregnant, is that if last week was the first time, postpartum, that you've had sex, you would be only a few days pregnant - way too early to be experiencing such a range of symptoms.

Keep in mind that you only gave birth 8 weeks ago; your body may still be healing and the road back to "normal" might take awhile. That being said, you know your body best. If something feels really wrong, don't ignore it, go back to the doctor.

In the meantime it might be helpful to join a new mommy message board, facebook group, or meetup. These are the perfect places to ask "is it normal if...", the answers you get might not be perfect science, but they'll reassure you if other women are struggling with similar issues.

Good luck and congrats on the new addition,


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