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I am on the last week (the reminder pills) for my first pack of pills. I have not had any spotting or bleeding at all this whole month, does that mean something is wrong or is this common?

Should I be having a period this week or is it common not to as well?

Dear Parker,

Thanks for your message. You say you are on the last week of the remainder pills for your first pill pack and haven't had any bleeding. You are wondering if this is normal.

Generally women will have a period during the week of the reminder pills. But some women only bleed for one or two days towards the end. As this is your first month it's hard to know what your body will do.

Also, as this is only the first month you have been taking them it may be that your body is confused and is still getting used to being on the pills and the next month will be different. Also, did you confirm that you were not pregnant before you started on the pills? Did you use a backup method of birthcontrol (like condoms) for the first 7 days when you started them for the first time?

Chances are it's your body adjusting, but it's best to talk to your doctor about it to be sure.

Take care,

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