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I have been taking the Ocella for around 4 years now without a break and I have never had any problems with it before until recently. This last week my period started while I still had a week to go before the placebo pills and that has never happened before. My period also started off heavy from the first day I got it and has been going on now for longer than usual and all the way through taking all my placebo pills. it has become so heavy that it can soak through a tampon in less than 10 minutes. I have never had a period this long or this heavy. Could there be a problem?

That heavy bleeding sounds like a problem.  Having some breakthrough bleeding is common on the pill, but having heavy bleeding like this is unusual.  The most likely cause is probably fibroid tumors of the uterus, which are fairly common.  It's possible that the bleeding will stop when you start on the active pills again, but I would recommend seeing your doctor to check it out.  Soaking a tampon in less than 10 minutes sounds like pretty heavy bleeding, and you'll get anemic if that goes on for very long.

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