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Hello. I have been on birth control for about 6 months now. Every now and then I forget to take a pill one day but it has never been a problem. I have been having sex with my boyfriend of 3 years for 2 years now. Last week I forgot to take my pill 2 days in a row . We had sex and he pulled out like he usually does (I get nervous) but some semen got on my thigh and I think a little inside of me. Normally i wouldnt be worried but I was supposed to get my period on Sunday and since I missed that pill im a little worried. do you think I could be pregnant and what should I do if I am? It is too late to take plan b.
   Please respond as soon as possible!

Hi O.

You are *probably* not pregnant. Skipping two pills in a row definitely puts you at a greater risk, but whether it's enough to trigger ovulation depends on when you skipped them (the first week of the cycle is riskier than the third), your dosage and your personal body chemistry. The fact that your boyfriend pulled out makes it significantly less likely that you're pregnant, but you not being sure if he ejaculated inside you is concerning. Basically, I am optimistic about this situation, and I want you to be too - but at the same time I think you should probably take a pregnancy test in the next couple weeks just to be sure. And if you find yourself regularly forgetting to take the pill pleassseeee consider either throwing a condom into the mix or going with a different form of birth control (IUD, the shot, etc).

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