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I was on Nuva Ring for 10 months. Eventually the mood swings and depression got to the best of me and I just pulled out the ring about 5 days after putting a new one in. My husband told me not to touch it with a 10 foot pole! (We are newlyweds and I have waited until I was married to ever have sex. I am 30 & have realized, I am a bit naive about sex stuff also. ) I am usually a happy person and at first I thought it was the stress of the wedding bringing me down but since the wedding I had gotten worse. I have tried pills in the past due to awful cramps to the point of passing out and throwing up, and had the same reaction (Depression, mood swings, crying spells, non-social etc.)Did I cause any damage stopping mid-cycle to my body?

We had sex the night before I pulled the ring out and am wondering if there were sperm still "alive" in me if they could make me pregnant? Since I have quit the birth control we have used a condom which brings me to another question...

We are in no way ready to have a baby (although if it happened, we are okay with that) I am wondering if condoms really are a good way to prevent pregnancy or do I need to wait until my cycle restarts regularly and I can figure out when I am ovulating before having sex again to prevent pregnancy. ( I really don't want to wait that long! ) I can't go on the pills again. The side effects made me crazy and after being off it a little less than a week I already have felt the dark cloud lift! Yay!

In the past I could tell when I was ovulating because it hurt! Will this come back again? If so, is it really a way to know when to not have sex and when unprotected sex is "safe"?

Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

Hello Samantha, I was really glad to get your question. You seem like a wise woman and have researched your situation and options. I am so glad that you have decided to go off hormonal birth control methods. I can't tell you if you did anything harmful to your cycle by taking the nuva ring out. You would have to ask your doctor. But many women have the symptoms that you have described so I'm glad you are going off.

I can't tell you the efficiency of condoms but they are better than hormonal devices or pills. There is really no birth control method that can guarantee 100% that you aren't going to get pregnant. I am glad to hear your attitude that if you got pregnancy you would be ok. I hope you wouldn't ever consider abortion.

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If you need more information, do research on the internet for natural family planning or ovulation.

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