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I am a 32-year old lady. I had my first child in Dec 20, 2012. I want to space my kids, my husband supports my decision. However, he does not consent to the use of condom -male or female condom. He prefers sex in a casual way.  I do not subscribe to injection or drugs used in preventing pregnancy, because of their side effects.
My challenge now is that, my menstrual cycle period has not been the same after childbirth(35days, 32days instead of the usual 24 or 26days), hence I can not realy calculate my ovulation period, and I can't realy detect when I am safe to have sex without getting pregnant.

My question now is -what can I do immediately after sexual intercourse, that will prevent pregnancy, since I am not on any form of contraceptive.

I'm sorry, but I know of nothing that a woman can do immediately after sex to prevent pregnancy, other than emergency contraception, and that has side effects similar to birth control pills.  Hopefully your periods will soon become regular again, so that you'll be able to calculate your fertile time.

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