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In January i was taking birth control the first two weeks, but i often missrd days or took it late. I had a period feb 10 through 15 so im guessing ive ovulated since stopping i started it again on feb 19 i had unproteced sex on feb. 21, 22, and 24 my cycle is 27 days long so I would have ovulated on saturday the 23 my question is could i end up pregnant? & how likely is it? Or was the birth control effective? I am also experiencing really sore breast worse than ever & stomach pains now. My period is expected on Saturday.

Since you had unprotected sex and were not protected by the pill, pregnancy is possible.  When you start the pill (or restart it after being off of it), you're not protected by the pill for 7 days.  It's very hard to say how likely it is that you're pregnant.  Really sore breasts may be suggestive of pregnancy, but it seems too early to be having symptoms.  If the sore breasts are from pregnancy, then a pregnancy test (first morning urine) would usually be positive.  If it's negative, then I would wait and see whether your next period comes when expected.

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