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I have been experiencing hot flashes, nausea throughout the day, not able to sleep at night, bloating, constipation. I am currently on my 3rd depo shot as of Feb2013. I am 31 years old. I am not sexually active. I started getting these symptoms back n Feb after getting my 3rd shot.

My 4th injection is due April 19- May 3.
I called the place where I go and get the shot and they couldn't help me as far as telling me why i have these symptoms. They just told me not to get the shot again.

Hi Cynthia,

if you think that these symptoms are connected with the Depo shot, I would follow the advice of your caregivers and stop receiving the injections. That will also be the surest way to determine the source of the discomfort, if the symptoms stop when the shots stop.

Please consult your doctor so the two of you can find a  different form of birth control that will be more easily tolerated by your body. Perhaps a low-hormone daily pill?



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