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My girlfriend and I had sex on February 9th around 2am. During so, I used a condom and pulled out just as I was to ejaculate but the condemn had come off. I remember seeing semen on her leg and the bed, but wasn't sure about anything else. I did pull out the condemn but didn't notice anything. About 6-8 hours later, she took Next Choice One-Dose. That same day, she got her period but it stopped that evening. A few days later, it started again. I wasn't too worried when I heard that.

Keep in mind, she has been having sharp pain in her lower abdomen since December. She feels very tightened up in that area and feels sharp pain when touched or pressure is applied there.
Her periods usually come around the first to second week of each month. She is not on birth control.

This month, she is still experiencing sharp pain. Also, she has not gotten her period yet and it is anywhere between 10 and 15 days late.

After doing some research, I am under the impression that she may possibly have an Ovarian Cyst. My only other thought is that she may be/have experienced/experiencing an Ectopic Pregnancy.

I am still very worried that she may be pregnant, but those are her only main symptoms. Just to be clear, I'll list them below...

Lower abdominal pain - sharp
Late or irregular menstrual periods

Please give me some guidance towards what might be happening. I'm worrying a lot and with heart problems, I can't continue being under this much stress.
I understand this is not medical advise or a diagnosis. I just want some sort of possible relief.

Lots of things can cause a period to be late, especially stress.  If she is pregnant, a pregnancy test will usually be positive by the time of the missed period or soon after.  The sharp pain could be from an ovarian cyst, although pain from an ovarian cyst usually lasts less than a month.  Since her pain began before she could have gotten pregnant, it's not likely to be from an ectopic pregnancy.  The bloating and fullness could be from stress or from hormonal changes that go along with missing her period.  I suspect that her pregnancy test will be negative and that she's not pregnant, but I would do the test to find out.  Because of the sharp abdominal pain, I would recommend that she see a doctor to figure it out.

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