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I have a question, my last period was the first days of march, I had sex 4 days after and took the plan b...two weeks later i went to the clinic and had already 2 pregnancy test both were negative...and yesterday I just got the depo shot for which I waited 2 weeks..but still haven't gotten my period, is that normal.? and does the depo shot work already. Im afraid to get pregnant, nobody told me I had to wait certain days after yesterday..I havent had sex since the 10 so Im a little skeptic..? how many days should i wait since i just got the shot yesterday( no period yet and not pregnant) thanks!

If you get the depo shot early during a period, it's effective immediately.  Since you didn't, it's not effective for 7 days.  So if you have sex before 7 days after the shot, you should use other protection, such as condoms.  As far as your period not coming, it's fairly common after using plan B that the next period may be late.  Also, don't be too surprised if you develop some spotting or bleeding the first month or 2 after the depo shot.

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