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A little over two weeks ago I somehow forgot to take one of my combo Bc pills. I had just started a new pack and had taken the first 5 pills but missed the 6th ( I doubled up the next day when i realized what had happened). About 2 days before that missed pill my husband and i had sex. Ive been kind of freaking about an unintentional pregnancy.  I started my week of placebo pills today. The last few days ive been feeling dull aches or cramp like feelings. Some feel like gas cramps not sure if its anything or just nerves. I also have lupus and the stress and worrying doesn't help. I usually get my period on the third day of placebo pills. I have two other children and never had any symptoms of pregnancy before hand. Maybe I'm just intune with everything going on that I have these feelings all the time I'm just noticing them now. I have been on these same Bc pills for the past two years and have never taken them late or missed one. I take them each morning at 7 ( as soon as I wake up). What do you think my chances of getting pregnant are? I guess I only have a few days before my period should arrive but I'm still nervous.

Sara, I would say that the chance would be slight but I can't guarantee that. Anytime you have sex, even if you are on the pill or any other kind of bc method, there is a possibility of pregnancy. Let me know if your period comes. If not, that is not a clear indication that you are pregnant. You can get a FREE pregnancy test at a local pregnancy center. You can find a center at or and click on the worldwide directory. Let me know what happens. Try not to worry or be stressed. Write me at

Hope to hear from you soon.

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