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I have been on the same birth control for over 2 years now (aviane or orysthia). Have never missed a dose or been late. I started my newest pack on Sunday, March 24. My husband and I had intercourse Tuesday night (March 26) around 11 p.m. I somehow forgot to take a pill on Friday March 29 (I take around 7 a.m. each day) When I realized Saturday morning I took 2 immediately. How concerned should I be that sex from Tuesday will result in a pregnancy? I'm scared that I could have ovulated from that one missed pill (it would have been the sixth pill) and that sperm can live for 3-5 days which would make it to Saturday or Sunday) I've been in contacted with my ob/gyn and they said what I did was correct and to use another form of bc for the next 2 weeks. I will be started my placebo pills in 3 days and my period usually falls on the third placebo pill. I have been very worried and nervous about this and have been having cramps and kind of an upset stomach at times (I'm sure it is nerves) I'm hoping thatthe stress won't prolong the period when it is suppose to come. What are your thoughts on my chances of getting pregnant. I already have 2 children and am not quite ready for a third. Any info or advice would be great. also when is the best time for plan b.

Hello Sara,
I don't think you have anything to worry about.  Although some sperm can survive up to 5 days, most won't live more than 2 days.  I think it's highly unlikely that enough sperm will be around 3 days after sex to cause a pregnancy.  In your case, since you missed the pill on Friday, that means that you have a slight chance to ovulate a few days later (really a pretty slight chance with missing 1 pill and taking 2 the next day).  By the time you might have ovulated, there were no live sperm around to cause a pregnancy.  The expert recommendations now are that if you only miss one pill, you don't even need to use backup.  For you, using backup for 7 days would be plenty.

You're correct that being stressed out may affect your next period, but as long as it comes when expected, you will know that you're not pregnant.  I think that the chance that you could be pregnant is extremely remote, and I don't think you need plan b.

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