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QUESTION: Dear dr norman,          I'm using yasmin  birth control for almost 2 yrs now. The day before yesterday I started a new pack but yesterday I forgot to take a pill,so I took the missed pill today in the morning and will take todays pill at 7 pm.. is there a possibilty I could get pregnant and shud I use a backuo method?          Thanks

ANSWER: Dear Iama,
According to the latest expert recommendations, missing one pill (and taking it as soon as it's missed), does not require backup.  However, missing a pill during the first week of a pack is worse than missing a pill later in the month.  I think you'd be better off using a backup method until you've taken a pill every day for 7 days.  That will help to make sure that you don't get pregnant.

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QUESTION: Dear dr norman,

Sorry to disturb again, but can i use the morning after pill while am on yasmine pills too just as a backup method? or is it bad to mix the 2 pills together


It's not bad to mix the 2 pills together.  Other experts seem to think the morning after pill is fine for backup of the pill.  My personal preference would be to use some type of barrier method for backup.  However, I don't have any study to base this on.  I think it's OK to use the morning after pill.

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