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i had an surgical abortion on 17th march 2013 and due to some medicines given by my doctor i got my periods on 1st april 2013 and i had sex with my boyfriend using 3 latex condoms that too three times that is 3:00 am on 19th april 2013 and 7:00 am and also 11:00 am in the first time he ejaculated but it was definetly in the condom and then in the second time he lightly slipped his condom but we stooped then and he didnt ejaculated that time and third time there was no problem even though he didnt ejaculated in me for further precaution i took i-pill by 6:00 pm on 19th april 2013 and from 20th april i have been having nipple soreness and from yesterday i am having frequent urination that is from 25th april and i dont have any spotting or anything like that. I am afraid can i be pregnant or is this because of ipill and my doctor who aborted me abused me by asking to have sex with him he even touched me all over the body so i dont want ever to go to that doctor in our locality i cant go to any other doctor so pleaseeeeeee help me i am begging you please help me can i be pregnant?""

Assuming that you didn't have sex before April 19, I don't think any of your symptoms are from pregnancy.  Pregnancy symptoms don't start until about 2 weeks after conception, and today is only 10 days after having sex.  Your nipple soreness could be from hormone changes, and I'm not sure why you'd be having frequent urination, but I don't think it's from pregnancy.  I'm very sorry about your experience with your doctor.  In the US I would recommend reporting him to the medical board, but I don't know how that works in your country.

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