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I've had a bump down there for a while. I don't believe i have genital herpes because for one i don't get these (this is the first time) and its not a cluster of blisters its just one bump. but anyway it was quite sore for a while me, i thought it was a ingrown hair or a pimple. i squeezed it and a kind of white yellowish pus came out, not a lot but enough for me to notice, since that it has went down and its not quite as sore. i just wanted to know from your experience what you may think it was. it was the size of a dime at first and after i messed with it and everything its smaller than pencil eraser.

It might have been an ingrown hair or a pimple, but I think it more likely is a sebaceous cyst, which is when an oil gland gets plugged.  It fills up with sebum, which is a thick white material.  Since it was painful, that probably means it was infected.  If it is a sebaceous cyst, the lump will probably stay there, although they sometimes go away.  If you're young (under 30), it's very unlikely to be anything serious.  If you're older, then it's probably best to see your doctor to have it checked, just in case.

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