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hi! so on march 29 i had intercourse with my bf, but he pulled out before anything happened. the next morning i went and got plan b just in case. now i got my period on march 21 but then 5 days after taking the pill i got my period... it was a little heavier then normal but lasted the same amount of time. its now may 5 and i still havent gotten it. Could i be pregnant???

You might be pregnant, but it's probably not from March 29, since you got a period 5 days later.  I suspect that the plan b screwed up your cycle, and that's the reason that you haven't gotten another period.  Just to be sure, I'd probably do a pregnancy test (first morning urine), since a test should usually be positive by the time you miss a period.  If it's negative, I would say that you're not pregnant, and will just have to wait until your next period comes.

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