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About a month ago, my long distance boyfriend and I met for a weekend together. We usually always take a shower or bath before any sexual activity because I've been very prone to UTIs in the past. But this time, we did engage in some unexpected sexual activity before taking a bath. The next evening, I regretted it because I had very strong-smelling, cloudy urine, which I knew was almost certainly an infection. Then a few days later, it continued and I also had discomfort in my urethra. It was like a constant itching made worse after urinating. It didn't really hurt to urinate, it wasn't really a burning, and in fact the only time it felt better was the few seconds I was peeing. After that it felt itchy again. I went to the doctor and she confirmed the infection and told me to take D-Mannose powder every 3-4 hours and drink lots of water for 3 days. I did that and within a day it started feeling much better. It's been 3 weeks and I feel almost better except that I feel a constant pressure in my bladder. My urine is clear, it doesn't smell, I don't feel like I constantly have to go, and it doesn't hurt after I go. I even did a home UTI test and it didn't show even the slightest trace of white blood cells or nitrite. So why do I still have this mild discomfort? I don't really notice it during the day. I mostly notice it at night, probably because I'm not distracted from it. But I've noticed that any time I touch inside my vagina, I feel a burning there and I feel the need to urinate. Is touching my vagina putting pressure on my bladder? Or might I have a vaginal infection? I don't have any vaginal itching or unusual discharge. I don't know what this is but I'm seeing my boyfriend again in a week and I just want desperately to feel better by then. Any ideas what this is or what I should try? Should I go back to the doctor?

I suspect that you still have a mild UTI, in spite of the negative home test.  When you touch inside the front part of your vagina, you're putting pressure on the bladder, since the bladder sits just to the front of the vagina.  I doubt that you have a vaginal infection, but I think your doctor will be able to figure out what is going on by doing a vaginal exam and checking your urine.  Best wishes.

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