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I had a Mirena placed on April 21, It is now May 10th and I am still spotting. Is this normal? I am not really cramping although I do once in a while and they aren't severe. The amount of spotting also changes, some days its moderate other days there's almost nothing. I have left several messages for my doctor and no response yet. Thanks so much for your time!

If you didn't have the Mirena placed during a period, then spotting is not unusual, although it's somewhat unusual that it would last almost 3 weeks.  If you did have the Mirena placed during a period, then the prolonged spotting is unusual.  However, it doesn't necessarily mean that anything is wrong.  So in either case, I would probably try to see a doctor just to have it checked.  As long as you're not having significant pain and are otherwise feeling well, it's probably nothing serious.

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