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i m 36yrs old and a mother of 2.6yrs old baby boy...we are using condoms to avoid pregnancy. recently i have seen one article in which it says that even using condoms can not stop few STD's...and to some even condoms can create problems...can you tell me what we can do>???i dont want to use any \birth control option, if possible.can you tell me how we can avoid pregnancy??


Hi Jaishwari,

Thank you for your message. You have a few questions about condoms and birth control which I will try to help with.

It is true that some STDs can still be passed even if you use condoms. These are viruses such as herpes and warts in which they can be on the skin of the genital area not protected by the condom. Do you know if yoru partner has these viruses? If he does, it is important to not have sex during the time that he has a blister or sore on his skin until after it has healed which can take several weeks.

I am not sure what you mean by "condoms can create problems" so I'm unable to answer that.

Condoms are by far the best way to prevent pregnancy and STDs, as no other form of birth control will protect against STDs.

If you want to not become pregnant, but do not want to use condoms, then you can use options such as the IUD (which is a device inserted into the uterus which lasts about 5 years), or hormonal contraception (various methods which you would need to ask a doctor about), or even natural methods of fertility awareness where you track your body's natural signs of fertility and avoid sex during the time around ovulation.

If you want to learn more you can read these websites for more information or email me back.

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