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hey norman
this is chris. I m 20.
i use to have sex with my girlfriend using condoms. but sometimes i dont like them to use condoms. so she (age 18) has decided to use birth control pills.  As they come in 28 or 21 days package.  When she needs to have them?? We donít have any idea. Will she start to use them from the first day of her period?? And then continue for next 28 days??and is it like this, she will not be pregnant in these 28 days??

As long as she starts the pill on the first few days of her period, she will be protected immediately, and from then on as long as she's taking the pill.  Most packs have 21 days of active pills, and they may or may not have 7 placebo pills.  The active pills need to be taken every day for 21 days, and then she can either take the placebo pills 1 daily for 7 days or else just wait 7 days and then start a new pack.  If she takes the 28 day pack, she just takes 1 pill every day until finishing the pack, then starts the next pack.  She is protected from pregnancy all month, including the 7 days when she takes no pill or takes a placebo pill.

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