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I had sex with two different men in two days time. The first guy used the "pull out" method, he then urinated and we had sex again and he withdrew again. The second guy told me he had a low sperm count and he has no children despite having unprotected sex many times with his ex wife. The second guy told me his wife got pregnant one time but had a miscarriage, but he thinks she had cheated on  him. He said he had been to a urologist and was told that he had a very low sperm count with low motility. When we had sex he hadn't had sex for a few months. Which one is more likely to have gotten me pregnant???

I would need to know what "a very low sperm count with low motility" is, and whether it had been repeated.  Assuming the count and motility are really very low, then I'd say that the first guy most likely got you pregnant, since the failure rate of the pull out method is fairly high for the general population.

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