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A month after I got it, I started getting pelvic pain that went up to my belly button. So I went back to the place that inserted it, they said everything looked fine and to go to the er cause it might be appendicitis. But it wasn't that. So I just went about my life after that. Then I continued to get the pains. And I couldn't feel the strings after having it 3 months. I went back to the place who put it in and they said they were there. I said ok fine. Checked a month later and I still was getting the pains and couldn't feel the strings. So I went to my old obgyn who I saw when I was pregnant with my daughter. He said if he can't see the strings he won't remove it blind sided. So he checked and was only able to see one but barely. So he removed it and said the pains I was having was most likely because the place cut the strings too short and the left string was poking the left side of my uterine wall. So the pains stopped for about a month and started again. As time went on, they got worse. So I went to the er and they couldn't find anything wrong. They gave me an anti inflammatory. Then I said to myself, I know my body and somethings not right. I also wasn't getting my periods normally on my own. Like every 6 weeks or so  and that's not normal for me at all. I took birth control pills for 2 months thinking it would help regulate me, but it didnt. I'm still waiting to get my period for the month of July. I dont think i'll be getting it this month. My cycles were always 29 days. So I went back to my obgyn who removed my iud and delivered my daughter. He asked me if the hospital did a pelvic exam and I said no that they didn't. He Said that, that was strange that they didn't do one. So he did. And the left side of my uterus is inflamed and extremely painful to the point i was nearly screaming during the exam when he checked me, that's how bad it hurt. He told me that because I'm not getting my periods normally or on my own that my ovaries aren't functioning. So he said as soon add I get my period whenever that'll be because my periods are going to unpredictable without the birth control pills and to start taking birth control pills after my period begins. I need to be on them for about a yr. It'll help with the pain and regulate my cycles. And he said that if I don't get my periods with out the birth control after a yr, that I may not be able to have anymore kids cause my ovaries still won't be functioning properly or at all.

I have 2 kids already and had absolutely no problem conceiving them but now i'm having no luck conceiving another baby.

No one can tell me exactly whats going on with me and I'm in constant pain all the time. It gets to be so bad to the point where sometimes I can't walk or move or eat. No one tested me for endometriosos or PID. I get constant migraines, my hair has been falling out every where.Sometimes it hurts really bad during intercourse with my boyfriend who i've been with for almost 7 yrs and i've never ever had any of these issues. What should I do? Is this all caused possibly by the mirena? I need help.

I'm afraid you need more help than I can give you here.  I don't think most of your problems are caused by the Mirena.  The pain you had while the Mirena was in may have been caused by the Mirena, but probably not the pain you're having since, and not the lack of periods.

Not having regular periods probably means that you're not ovulating much.  The birth control pill will probably give you regular periods, but it won't help (will prevent) you getting pregnant.  There are pills called Clomid that you can take each month to help you to ovulate and get pregnant.  I would suggest that you get a second opinion from a good OB/GYN doctor.  Good luck.

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