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So the doctor said the pain is because the left side of my uterine wall is very thick and I have to be on birth control pills to stop the pain which actually was helping 2 months ago. If the pain continues I have too go back. My period still hasn't come. He said that it will be unpredictable for a while with out the pills. This af will be very heavy. And to begin the pills when af starts. It week take a while before my body is normal again to where I'll get af on my own. Bit I gotta be on BC pills cause it takes to long for me to af without the pills because the mirena messed up my body that badly. I just feel like I'll be on the pills for the rest of my reproductive life. Ugh

The doctor also told me that my ovaries aren't functioning. Idk if I'll ever ovulate again or have anymore kids.

I'm very curious to know if this was caused from having the mirena. I NEVER in my life ever had this problem. I have had 2 kids prior to the mirena with no problems. Got pregnant immediately. Now I may never conceive another baby.

Could this be from the mirena iud? Is it a possibility that it could be?

ANSWER: Yes, Alicia, I believe this could be from the mirena. I don't ever recommend that type of birth control method. I'm sorry to hear your story. Please email me at
And how old are you? And you want other children? I will pray that you will receive the desires of your heart.

Diane Cheryl

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QUESTION: I just turned 26. My bf and I do want more children in the future. But now I'm not do sure I'll be able to which makes me so depressed. Because of all the pain, I just feel like myself at all anymore.  A lot of women who have or know someone who has endometriosis says that's what it sounds like that I have. Could that be true? The pain is worse on my period and up to a week after as well. I had gotten my period on July 25th and I stated spotting August 4th. But I'm on BC pills. What could cause me to start bleeding again? I'm do worried and scared. I never bled in the middle of my cycle before.

Hi Alicia, I think you should ask your doctor about the endometriosis. I can't really diagnose you from here. I'm sorry to hear your story. How old are your children and are you thinking about marriage? Is your bf good with your children? I would like you to email me at so we can talk in length and privately.

Diane Cheryl

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