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Hello, I have a few strange embarrassing questions...

I am currently on the Depo shot.  This is my second shot I have gotten.  Lately, (and this may be completely unrelated to birth control) my vagina has has little itch bumps inside, and I have experienced very painful intercourse.  I have a bump on my labia, but that was diagnosed as a cyst, that is harmless and fairly common.  It has NEVER given me pain.  It's just, there.  Anyway, lately, after my partner and I have sex, I get this swollen painful feeling.  The bumps showed up around the same time.  My partner is my first, and he has only had sex with one other person, and it was also her first.  We have been tested for many STDS and been cleared.  I've seen a physician, but they said they did not see any of the bumps.  Even though I can clearly feel and see them myself...  Any ideas on what this could be?

Hi Jennessa,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately without a physical examination there's no way to know for sure what's going on, and I am an educator, not a clinician.

However, are you using condoms or any lubricant or sex toys? It could be an allergy to those. But if you are having a problem you need to go back to the doctor or get a second opinion. Going to a family planning clinic or gynaecologist might be better than a general practicioner because they have more experience in this department.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Good luck,

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