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Birth Control/Birth Control - Nuva Ring - When to put in? Please help


I was off of my birth control for only one month. I am on the Nuva Ring. I was told to put my nuva ring in on the 5th day of my period. But I am not bleeding and it is the 4th day. Can I still put the ring in on the 5th day or do I have to wait a whole period more? Please help me!

I'm not sure I understand when you say you're not bleeding and it is the 4th day.  I assume that means the 4th day of when you expected your period, but the period didn't start.  We would only call it the 4th day if the period had come.  Otherwise it's just a day.

It's common for the following period to be late when stopping the pill or Nuva Ring.  Usually it's just a week or 2 late, but sometimes more.  You can start using the Ring at any time, but you're more likely to get breakthrough bleeding if you don't start around the time of a period.  If you're very anxious to have birth control, you could put the Ring in now, and you would be protected after it's been in for 7 days.  If you could wait for your period, you would probably have less problem with breakthrough bleeding that first month.  If you put the Ring in on the 5th day of an actual period, then you're protected starting that day.

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